Dual Language Reading programs are leading to new and innovative pedagogical approaches in the classroom which honour and support the linguistic and cultural diversity of students. Click here for examples of this work.

Dual Language Books Discussion

The videos below are recorded conversations between two professional educators who have utilized Dual Language Books in their multicultural classrooms. They describe the strategies they used, the projects, and what transpired.

Explore Identity by Connecting Cultures, Community and School + Design Multimodual Tasks

Dual Language Books Video-Identity1

Discussing multi-ethnic context of Cinderella story and explaining note-taking tools in student Language Portfolio

Dual Language Books VIDEO-Identity2

Describing how a student makes the link between Chinese New Year and the anti-bullying theme in the school for his own Dual Language Book story

Map Dual Language Reading to Curriculum + Foster Language Awareness

Dual Language Books Video-Curriculum1

Discussing strategies for noticing English language features, developing literacy using Dual Language Books and making Social Studies POS connections

Dual Language Books Video-Curriculum2

Describing how Dual Language Books can support development of story writing objectives in grade 7 Language Arts POS

Dual Language Books Video-Curriculum3

Discussing strategies using Language Portfolio tools in relation to grade 5 Language Arts POS, and describing student story planning process

Dual Language Book Reading Process


This video is a demonstration of a Dual Language Book reading in a middle school classroom.