Student Dual Language Books Exercise

For this classroom exercise, students either worked independently or in a pair to create their own Dual Language Books. We have found tremendous results. Students from a multilingual background were eager to share their knowledge, and students from a monolingual background were excited to learn about their classmates’ language and culture.

Please have a look at the examples of students work below.

Student Story 1-The Lonely Girl

Student Story 2-The Lion and the Mouse

Student Story 3-Kristof Goes to School

Student Story 4-Power in Pink

Student Story 5-Rico’s Big Problem

Student Reflections

  • “Language is a big part of describing culture.”
  • “I found that everybody has a unique and diverse culture and personality. You should always respect other people.”
  • “I learned writing skills.”
  • “I’m going to notice the similarities between other languages after this.”
  • “I learned there is a lot more diversity in this class than I thought there was.”
  • “Creativity can be expressed through a book.”
  • “They [cultures] are all different and the same.”
  • “I learned public speaking (in front of the class); how to read properly.”