Some of my recent research initiatives include:

Dual Language Books (DLBs)

I have been involved with two Dual Language Books projects, Building Bridges: Acknowledging Children’s First Languages and Mobilizing Community for Literacy Development: New Pedagogies for New Times that explore the benefits of Dual Language Books. You can learn more about Dual Language Books and our research here.

Cross-Cultural Muslim Curriculum Series
I led a team of curriculum developers to creative the innovative Living Together: Muslims in a Changing World, a curriculum series and resource for teaching about cultural and linguistic diversity in mainstream schools.

Thinking about and Enacting Curriculum in “Frames of War”
This book, which I co-edited with Han Smits, challenges curriculum theorists to think not only about the frames through which we apprehend the Other, but also about how we might re-frame our thinking as a radical call to responsibility.

Counselling Services for Parents Of Bilingual Children
Counselling Service for Parents of Bilingual Children is an initiative that I have supported. The objective of the service is to address the concerns of parents who are raising multilingual children.

Other Initiatives

  • Science Café: I have been funded (with Dr. Mary O’Brien as PI) by the Canada Institute of Health Research in collaboration with the Hotchkiss Brain Institute to host a science café that focuses on the cognitive benefits of lifelong language learning.
  • Reading Program: I have piloted a short reading program where children between the ages of 10-13 have been read the first chapter of J.K Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Swedish and Nepali languages.
  • Summer schools hosted in Calgary and Hamburg, through collaboration with Hamburg’s LiMA.
  • Dual Language Books extending into heritage language schools in Calgary.